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Social commitment

Social commitment is a theme which is very close to our heart at Europa-Park. Since its foundation, Europa-Park has collected a double-digit million sum for charitable purposes.

Charity organisations of Europa-Park:

Santa Isabel e. V.

Was founded by Marianne Mack to make the most out of donations generated by the series of speeches "Neue Perspektiven" (started in 2005). The charity is able to use donations quickly, wisely and straightforward to support traumatised children and their families. With her series of speeches Marianne Mack additionally offers her neighbours, employees and people from the surrounding some suggestions and help to make their lives a little bit less complicated. The special thing about it is that it’s varied, voluntary engagement with a double effect.

Einfach helfen e. V.

The charity “Einfach Helfen e.V.“ has been dedicated to support people and families who have gotten into difficult situations through serious illnesses or fate. “Einfach Helfen e.V.“ shows high personal and humanitarian commitment.

Open Hearts

In our online magazine 'Open Hearts' you can find out about Europa-Park's cultural achievements and social commitment. Since its opening in 1975, Europa-Park has been committed to society, true to the motto: 'Opening hearts'. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Opening hearts