Europa-Park presents a new art exhibition

“Tomi Ungerer - the World of Animals”

With his sharp quill, Tomi Ungerer gives birth to merry pictures on paper sheets. His world of animals invites us to smile and lets us discover human attributes hidden in animal shapes. From 27 November 2010 until 9 January 2011, Europa-Park presents works of the Alsatian artist.

The big art exhibition at Europa-Park is a tribute to Tomi Ungerer. In 2011, the world-famous Alsatian artist is going to celebrate his 80th birthday. Following the motto “one picture per year“, Europa-Park presents 80 drawings in the exhibition “Tomi Ungerer - the World of Animals” during its winter opening and will thus be among the first congratulators. The exhibition shows original drawings, collages and objects from the artist's private collection as well as a series of works owened by collectors. A lot of those works have rarely or never been exhibited in public before. Besides Ungerer’s cat drawings and sculptures, the visitors also encounter a lot of other animals. “When I draw animals, my pencil turns into a hunting rifle”, says Tomi Ungerer. The artist, who dealt with the most various themes during his career as graphic designer, writer and illustrator, always remained an ironic observer of the animals’ world. Ute Dahmen, curator of the exhibition: “Tomi’s animals are similar to human beings. Drawn with talent and imagination, they make us laugh, smile or think.”

Many-sided talent

Tomi Ungerer was born on 28 November 1931 in Strasbourg, France. He has constantly been dealing with the history of his Alsatian homeland, in his drawings as well as in his writings. When he was young, he emigrated to the USA, lived in Ireland later, but always came back to Strasbourg.

In the end of year 2007, the “Ungerer Museum” opened its doors in his hometown at the renovated “Villa Greiner”, in the centre of Strasbourg. This artist has a many-sided talent and has been unbelievably productive. He has already given birth to more than 40,000 drawings, wrote and illustrated about 100 books and created posters, pictures, toys and sculptures.

A close friendship with the Mack family

Tomi Ungerer has been a close friend to the Mack family, owners of Europa-Park, for a long time. Tomi Ungerer and Roland Mack promote the European idea together. Both of them are ambassadors of the Council of Europe, commit themselves to children and families and are engaged against racism. Roland Mack and Tomi Ungerer are also considered to be among the "motors" of the German-French friendship. The premiere of Tomi Ungerer’s animated cartoon inspired by his famous book “Die drei Räuber” (The Three Robbers) took place three years ago at Europa-Park.

With this new exhibition, Europa-Park continues its series of art exhibitions which are always presented at Mercedes-Benz Hall. During the past three years, the winter exhibition was focused on the painter Marc Chagall. Through this new type of exhibition, art is made accessible and lively for a large audience. The combination of art and theme park creates an extraordinary synergy-effect.

Well-adapted to children

Tomi Ungerer, with his humorous works, addresses to all ages and also fascinates children and youngsters with lovely and stirring details. In the reading-corner, little visitors can read through Ungerer’s children’s books. The audiobook-lounge invites them to take a comfortable seat to listen to the artist’s stories. The audiobook “No Kiss for Mother” tells the story of Toby, a mischievous kitten. And this little rascal cannot bear being kissed by his mother in public. With a bit of irony and shrewdness, Ungerer lets neither mother nor son get off scot-free. In another area, his film “Die drei Räuber” (The Three Robbers) is presented. Creative kids can cut out and paint cat masks at the drawing-corner. A wall with magnetic puzzle pieces invites the youngest guests to recreate Tomi Ungerer’s animal world. This exhibition appeals to all senses and is consequently perfectly adapted to the little art-lovers.


Winter exhibition at Europa-Park

“Tomi Ungerer – the World of Animals“

27 November 2010 – 9 January 2011

The visit of the exhibition is included in the park admission. Possibility to visit the exhibition without visiting the park on Sundays from 10 to 11 am. The guided tour of this exhibition costs 5 Euro (incl. guide and parking coin). Reservation at www.europapark.de/ungerer

Opening times winter: 11:00 am until 07:00 pm

(extended opening times on weekends and during the holidays.)

Closed on 24 + 25 December 2010

More information: Tel. 0049 (0) 1805/ 77 66 88

(14 cent/min. for calls from the German landline network, prices for mobile and international calls may differ) or: www.europapark.de

  • Tomi Ungerer: Katze im Schnee, 1996, Tusche auf Papier, 29 x 33 cm

  • © Tomi Ungerer. Abdruck honorarfrei im Rahmen der Ausstellung im Europa-Park in Rust bei Freiburg