With Alexander Gerst and Thomas Pesquet through space and time

New Movie Adventure: 'Mission Astronaut' at Europa Park

Alexander Gerst is the man in space, and gives exciting insights into the world of spaceflight in the new 360-degree movie adventure 'Mission Astronaut'. Beginning at the start of the 2019 season, the German geophysicist and his French colleague Thomas Pesquet will explain all about the international space station (ISS) in the Greek themed area and describe how to prepare for life as a space traveller. The multimedia projection show by MackMedia in the Dome of Dreams is ten minutes long. After 'Beautiful Europe' and 'The Secrets of Gravity - From Europe to Space', Germany’s largest theme park keeps to the impressive themes of flying and space with 'Mission Astronaut’.

Infinite distances, weightlessness and departure into new spheres - 'Mission Astronaut' is the third 360-degree film adventure that has been shown in the Dome of Dreams since 2015. In the short film, astronauts Alexander Gerst and Thomas Pesquet explain in several interesting chapters what demanding training is necessary to prepare for the enormous G-forces during take-off and zero gravity in space. Moreover, the adventure movie clarifies how sophisticated the preparations for take-off are, what the flight and docking in the Sojus space shuttle feel like, and what special features come with life on the International Space Station.

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong was the first human to step on the moon, Europa-Park shows how astronauts from different nations are working together hand-in-hand in space and on earth to search for a better future. More than 300 experiments take place in the laboratory of the ISS during the expedition. Over the heads of the guests, fantastic video sequences and perspectives are projected to the inside wall of the Dome of Dreams, on the one hand to demonstrate the unique beauty, on the other the vulnerability of our blue home planet.

The modern projection show, in the largest mobile digital 360-degree cinema in the world, shows sensationally sharp pictures thanks to eleven high-performance projectors and is a multimedia film highlight by MackMedia and Softmachine Immersive Productions.