Technical facts and figures about Rulantica

In addition to 25 water attractions (including 17 water slides), the water adventure park is maintained by an innovative system of technology and machines behind the scenes.

Building management systems: 4 systems to manage the heat, ventilation, cooling, pool technology visualisation, monitoring of all showers and light management/media technology visualisation

Water systems: 10 loops,  4,386m³ of moving pool water

Pool water technology: The heart and soul of Rulantica, 11 loops, 10 of which feature pressureless filters and 1 with a pressurised sand filter

Ventilation systems: a total of 29, 19 of which are large (5,000 – 65,000 m³/h), 6 ventilation devices for air supply and exhaust of 65,000 m³/h each, target indoor temperature: 32 – 34 degrees Celsius

Energy supply: 2 peak load boilers, producing 1.95 megawatts each, supply for Rulantica and Hotel Krønasår

Cogeneration power stations: 2 at Rulantica (4 in total), 15.5 million kilowatt hours per year, corresponds to the annual demand of 4,200 – 5,600 households