Facts & Figures


Rulantica:  The water world at Europa-Park

  • 12 themed settings
  • 37 attractions, 27 of which are slides
  • 10 gastronomy outlets
  • 4 shops

New attractions

Svalgurok: Germany's largest outdoor water playground

dependent on weather, not open all year

➢     Total area: 10,000sqm

➢     Building time: 11 months

➢     3,000m³ concrete (incl. Technical cellar) and 1,000 tons of steal

➢     10 slides for the whole family

  • Fal Rock (length 51m, height 6,4m)
  • Spiral Rok (length 36m, height 6,4m)
  • Storm Rok (length 39m, height 10,7m)
  • Is Rok (length 23m, height 3,20m)
  • Vågor Rok I + II (length 33m, height 6,4m)
  • Istapp Rok (length 23m, height 3,2m)
  • Skip Rok (length 12m, height 1,6m)
  • Vrag Rok (length 14m, height 1,6m)
  • Slalom Rok (length 48m, height 6,4m)

➢     Tilting water bucket (filled with 2,500 litres of water) and a splash zone

➢     100 playing opportunities

➢     2.5 tons moving snake head with light and water effects

➢     20 pumps for Svalgurok and Snorri Strand


Snorri Strand: Water playground for children

dependent on weather, not open all year

➢     Two mini slides for little Snorri fans

➢     Interactive water games

➢     Water flow 200m³ per hour

➢     Large sun sails


Snorri Snorkling VR: Immerse yourself virtually

➢     VR underwater experience with Snorri

➢     World’s first ‘Diving Theatre’

➢     Developed by MackNeXT and VR Coaster

➢     Up to four people at the same time in two pools

➢     Film duration: 3 minutes

➢     From 12 years and height of 1.25m

➢     Surcharge €6


Hyggedal: Exclusive relaxation and sauna area

➢     Numerous loungers for more than 100 people across 1,000sqm area indoors and 200sqm outdoors

➢     Additional offers such as Hygge Sofas and Eggs as well as the Hggye Supreme Hydda

➢     Two nude saunas

➢     Surcharge for Hyggedal €10



➢     New food court: ‘Strand Kök’ in the outdoor area with seven stalls, including with fish rolls, Köttbullar and swirl ice cream

➢     New shop ‘Strandhus Svalgur’ in the outdoor area

➢     More than 1,000 additional loungers in the outdoor area

➢     New additional offers in the outdoor area: - 8 Beach Sofas: Day beds for up to 2 people (€40/sofa, plus Rulantica tickets)

➢     - 12 Beach Islands: Beach chairs for up to 2 people (€60/island, plus Rulantica tickets)


From Summer


Rulantica VIP Yacht: Exclusive private area

➢     Equipped with: fridge, coffee machine, WiFi, AC/heating, TV, WC, outdoor shower, seating area inside and outside, lying area on the ship deck

➢     Personal gastronomy service

➢     At surcharge